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Think like a Proton. Computervert🌈 Loves computers,Space and science. You can find Internet/technology related content here .🌎

In this article I explained about How to grow plants on mars with the help of scientific proofs and also how we can make Movable Food Chamber on Mars with help of basic science principles and raw handmade paper designs of Movable Food Chamber.

This is my entry for -deepspacefoodchallenge by NASA

Soon in future NASA and Space-x will send humans/astronauts to the mars and the major problem they are facing food supply to the crew for that NASA is seeking ideas from all around the globe for that they started deepspacefoodchallenge .

In this article I will explain my…

Parts in this article
* My story
* Thank you note to all teachers/students
* Important life lessons

My story So as well know we are in an uncertain timeline I don’t know we are going to meet/talk to each other before graduating and the reason for writing this article I am going talk about 4 years of journey and also things I learn as a human/student and also we can take it as a graduation speech or thank you note to teachers/students. note:- This article is not related to a technical topic it is all about life lessons…

climate change is the greatest threat to our planet.

hello to all 👋

Following things will be cover in this article:

  • Climate Change
  • Human made Natural Disasters
  • How human waste is managed in India/Africa
  • Upcoming challenges for human beings and future predictions and upcoming obstacles to humanity
  • Plastic ban reality in India and its long term effects on earth
  • Covid19 vaccination and testing reality in India and all around the world
  • Final Thoughts

Currently lot of things are going related to climate and many viruses also attacking on human being so in this article i will describe some the important…

hello there 😊👋

So in this article i am going to write about which things are going to change rapidly and things those are going to make huge impact on human beings lives.

following Areas are going to covered in this article:-

  1. Technology(AI/ML/AR/VR)
  2. Life Science/neuron science
  3. climate change
  4. human lives
  5. anything that comes in mind(at the time of writing article) that is going to have huge impact on future.
  6. my plans and final thoughts
  7. Technologies

So we all know we are surrounded by smartphones and laptops tablets fit-bits all of the internet connected devices and now we are using Alexa,google…

Let’s begin 👋

  • visual studio code installed
  • nodejs installed
  • And basic internet connection🔌
  • firebase CLI(command line interface if you want to host your app show it to the world )
  • 👉Github Repo Fork/⭐/Clone it
  • STEP 1
  • You can use mkdir myportfolio but their is no need to do that just go to the your windows terminal/CMD and just type
  • npx create-react-app myportfolio
  • After that your react app is ready to run then just type
  • npm starton windows yarn start on ios then you will see below interface🔽

After that you need to have structure like this🔽 don’t worry about…

Basically this article cover unknown websites and tips and tricks for internet searching and free-movies ,old things about operating systems and google .

  1. Windows 93 online in webbrowser

Windows XP is an operating system produced by Microsoft as part of the Windows NT family of operating systems. It was released to manufacturing on August 24, 2001 you can enjoy this official os in your browser provided by the microsoft check it out the link =>windows93

2.Free Movie download or watch

For downloading any free movie right from google search engine If you type Ex:- forest gump google drive then you…

Quote :-Privacy is myth in internet World.

So lets begin here

Prerequisites for Doing this trick

  1. New browser updated(chrome-V8 engine)/Mozilla Firefox (spider monkey)

So lets begin here normally when you open your instagram in your browser on PC/laptop then your not able to post images and reading/sending DM’s it is not possible for avoiding that Microsoft store unupdated app(instagram) with help of this thing you can do anything with instagram on your browser (post/dm’s etc.)

How we can do that follow below steps :

1 Go to the your browser open instagram after all formalities(login-2factAUTH thing)

2.Then Press keys on…

Things you Need to have before doing this experiement :
1.Ethernet cable
2.VPN(Proton VPN recommended) firewall access through student or faculty access

BEGIN here
First go to the browser and enter your college IP(ex:- and then enter the credentials and login with your account then open after Login connect to the fastest server and after that logout you College firewall page otherwise you can check blocked sites they are working or not for me it’s working

The main thing is here rightnow after logging out you can see there is ethernet cable logo with on connection with firewall…


Simply this is a todolist website created in html/css/javascript

Deployed on google firebase
simple operations like adding items to the todolist and clearing all todo items this all you can to with this website
Firebase hosting steps

Step 1

install nodejs on your machine


npm install -g firebase-tools

Step 3

firebase login

then cd dir to your main project file initiliase firebase overtheir

firebase init

Last Step

firebase deploy

freedeployment on firebase notethat you can get code in folder Todo/public/public in that main html files are overtheir

website Link


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Ever since the dinosaurs died off 65 million years ago, reptiles have had it relatively easy in the extinction department, not nearly as susceptible to environmental changes as birds, mammals, and amphibians. Regardless, there have been snakes, turtles, lizards, and crocodiles that have gone extinct in historical times. climate change and increasing temperature of the earth and because of that ice-bergs in Antarctica also melting and some species also extincted over their ex Australodelphis just like dolphins And According to scientists in upcoming 1000 years earth is going to be vanished by that water from Antarctica icebergs .

According to

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