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Think like a Proton. Computervert🌈 Loves computers,Space and science. You can find Internet/technology related content here .🌎

  • Climate Change
  • Human made Natural Disasters
  • How human waste is managed in India/Africa
  • Upcoming challenges for human beings and future predictions and upcoming obstacles to humanity
  • Plastic ban reality in India and its long term effects on earth
  • Covid19 vaccination and testing reality in India and all around the world
  • Final Thoughts

  1. Technology(AI/ML/AR/VR)
  2. Life Science/neuron science
  3. climate change
  4. human lives
  5. anything that comes in mind(at the time of writing article) that is going to have huge impact on future.
  6. my plans and final thoughts
  7. Technologies

  • visual studio code installed
  • nodejs installed
  • And basic internet connection🔌
  • firebase CLI(command line interface if you want to host your app show it to the world )
  • 👉Github Repo Fork/⭐/Clone it
  • STEP 1
  • You can use mkdir myportfolio but their is no need to do that just go to the your windows terminal/CMD and just type
  • npx create-react-app myportfolio
  • After that your react app is ready to run then just type
  • npm starton windows yarn start on ios then you will see below interface🔽

  1. Windows 93 online in webbrowser

  1. New browser updated(chrome-V8 engine)/Mozilla Firefox (spider monkey)


freedeployment on firebase notethat you can get code in folder Todo/public/public in that main html files are overtheir

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